Bruno Pronsato's Lovers Do set for release on wax

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  • The much-loved 2011 album will get new life (and its first vinyl issue) next month on thesongsays.
  • Bruno Pronsato's Lovers Do set for release on wax image
  • Bruno Pronsato's 2011 album Lovers Do is being put to vinyl for the first time. Issued through the Berlin-based artist's thesongsays label, Lovers Do garnered widespread praise—here's our 4.5 of 5 assessment—and still counts among minimal techno and house's best-regarded LPs. While he's been active with other projects since then, including the solo alias Archangel and the Public Lover duo with Ninca Leece (who appeared on Lovers Do), this album remains the last solo Pronsato record released to date. Lovers Do's revisiting also marks the restart of thesongsays, which has been quiet since putting out the 2012 Public Lover LP, though no further release plans for the label have been announced. With new artwork on the cover, it'll come on double-vinyl (with a download code) as well as a fresh CD reissue. Tracklist A Lovers Don't B1 Anybody But You B2 Trio-Out C1 An Anne Around The Neck C2 An Indication Of The Cause C3 Feel Right D1 Winter Music For Summer D2 Lovers Do thesongsays will release Lovers Do on all formats on February 26th, 2016.