Zwischenwelt's Paranormale Aktivität gets a vinyl release

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  • The 2012 album from the Gerald Donald project is finally hitting wax in 2016.
  • Zwischenwelt's Paranormale Aktivität gets a vinyl release image
  • Zwischenwelt's only album, Paranormale Aktivität, will be released on vinyl on February 1st. The album originally came out in February 2011 as the only transmission from a new project by Heinrich Mueller—the alias of ex-Drexciya member Gerald Donald, who you might also know as Dopplereffekt. Zwischenwelt, which means "in-between" world, was a group collaboration between Donald and an international cast: German singer Beta Evers, New York's Susane Correia and Penelope Lopezz from Spain. Paranormale Aktivität was originally released through Rephlex, who promised a vinyl edition that never surfaced. Now Clone's Aqualung series, an imprint set up specifically to reissue Drexciya-related material, is stepping in to finally press it onto wax. The album's tracklist is the same as the CD version. Check out clips below.
    Tracklist 01. Apparition 02. Clairvoyant 03. Cryptic Dimension 04. Diapsiquia 05. Enigmata 06. Materialization 07. Multiple Existence 08. Premonition 09. Telemetric 10. Remote Viewer 11. Segunda Realidad 12. Telekinesis Clone Aqualung Series will release Paranormale Aktivität on February 1st, 2016.