Julius Steinhoff and Abdeslam Hammouda announce acoustic album

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  • Elephant Island will come out under the name Tonight Will Be Fine through Mule Musiq in February.
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  • German producers Julius Steinhoff and Abdeslam Hammouda are taking on the alias Tonight Will Be Fine for an acoustic record called Elephant Island. The new moniker actually comes from the Tonight Will Be Fine EP, credited to Steinhoff & Hammouda and put out via Smallville back in 2008. All the duo's productions (there's been just a handful) have been released through the Hamburg house label, though their collaboration has gone quiet in recent years. Hammouda moved away from Hamburg, keeping a low profile, while Steinhoff, who helps run Smallville, crafted a few solo records, including the 2014 LP Flocking Behaviour. He also continued working alongside Just von Ahlefeld as Smallpeople, a collaboration that Hammouda was initially a part of. Elephant Island will land in February on Tokyo's Mule Musiq, and it shows Steinhoff and Hammouda veering far away from electronic production. Described as a "bittersweet acoustic singer-songwriter project," the pair went to work in their friend Lawrence's studio, in the back of the Smallville shop. (Along with his Smallville connection, Lawrence is also a long-time Mule affiliate.) They gathered a pile of instruments to jam with—acoustic guitars, piano, banjo, accordion and an old drum kit from Steinhoff's teenage years in a band, to name a few—and added their own vocals, which are present across much of the album. Completed without any electronic gear, Elephant Island is, as a press release puts it, the duo's "musical utopia... powered by an unabashed instrumental playfulness." Check out a teaser video for the album below.
    Tracklist 01. Hello 02. Elephant Island 03. Hallway 04. Home 05. Soliloquy 06. Tales Of Childhood 07. A Million Favours 08. Afield 09. Sons 10. Cantulia 11. Mindwings 12. Moon Atoll 13. Fine Night Mule Musiq will release Elephant Island on February 19th, 2016.