Irrupt officially launches, teams up with Bitwig

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  • The sound library marketplace, first announced in October, is now ready for public consumption.
  • Irrupt officially launches, teams up with Bitwig image
  • Irrupt is officially online. The site, a marketplace for what the Denver company calls "sound elements," was first announced this October in the lead-up to ADE. Their concept is to kick the sample pack concept up a notch, offering high quality, royalty-free sounds made by top-level (but anonymous) producers, for use in studio, live and/or DJ settings. As of today, you'll find "the first batch of Irrupt's exclusive high quality sound products" available for purchase from their website. As part of the rollout, Irrupt has joined forces with Bitwig, the Berlin-based software company behind the upstart Bitwig Studio DAW. All users of the software will receive Irrupt System, a one-gigabyte pack of sound elements curated by Bitwig. Also included is the Irrupt Inspiration Generator, a project preloaded with Irrupt sounds that will help you get started with exploring possible patterns. For a peek into the Irrupt/Bitwig collaboration, have a look at the video embedded below.