Kompakt details The Orb and Dave DK remix EPs

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  • Wolfgang Voigt and Teebs have reworked The Orb, while Dave DK sees his tracks reinterpreted by Isolée, Ulrich Schnauss and Portable Sunsets.
  • Kompakt details The Orb and Dave DK remix EPs image
  • Cologne label Kompakt has revealed details for remix EPs based on two of its 2015 full-length releases. First up, and due out in mid-January, is a record based on material from The Orb's well-received Moonbuilding 2703 AD LP. Kompakt founder Wolfgang Voigt has contributed two rather extravagantly titled remixes: a 13-minute long "AntiretroAmbientPsycholkaMix" from his given name, and a "PsychoSchaffelClusterMix" from his lesser-used "concept rave alter ego" Wassermann. Voigt has taken to the alias only a few times over the past decade, including for a track on Total 15 earlier this year. LA producer and Brainfeeder affiliate Teebs rounds out the package with a "Moon Grotto Mix." (Check out the cover art above.) A couple weeks later, Kompakt will follow up Dave DK's Val Maira with its own three-track remix record. Two seasoned German artists, house minimalist Isolée and ambient and downtempo purveyor Ulrich Schnauss, are on board, along with Brooklyn-based producer Peter Segerstrom, by way of the alias Portable Sunsets—you might know him through his Surfing tape on 1080p, released earlier this year. To help wind down 2015, Kompakt recently issued the latest entry in their Pop Ambient series, which featured appearances from The Orb, Dave DK and Voigt (remixed by Thore Pfeiffer). Voigt's been busy otherwise, as well. He just dropped a David Bowie-inspired EP, for which he took on a new alias, Dieter Bowie—that one came through the Kompakt-affiliated Protest imprint. Tracklist The Orb - Moonbuilding 2703 AD Remixes / Sin In Space Pt. 1 A Wolfgang Voigt AntiretroAmbientPsycholkaMix B1 Teebs Moon Grotto Mix B2 Wassermann PsychoSchaffelClusterMix Dave DK - Val Maira Remixe A We Mix At Six (Isolée Mix) B1 Kronsee (Ulrich Schnauss Mix) B2 Nueva Cancion (Portable Sunsets Mix) Kompakt will release Moonbuilding 2703 AD Remixes / Sin In Space Pt. 1 on January 15th, and Val Maira Remixe on January 29th, 2016.