Giorgio Gigli and Brendon Moeller partner on The Anatomy Of Thought

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  • With a remix from Takaaki Itoh, the four-track EP is coming on Spanish label ATT Series.
  • Giorgio Gigli and Brendon Moeller partner on The Anatomy Of Thought image
  • Giorgio Gigli and Brendon Moeller have joined forces on an upcoming EP called The Anatomy Of Thought. The EP is due out next month on ATT Series, a Spanish label run by Attemporal since 2011. Kicking off a new vinyl-only sub-series from the label, it packs three collaborative cuts from Gigli and Moeller and a remix from Japanese artist Takaaki Itoh. Gigli and Moeller are each well-established producers with a shared fondness for the deeper sides of electronic music. Gigli, a key figure within Italy's underground techno scene, is probably best known by way of his work for Elettronica Romana, Prologue and Zooloft (the latter of which he helped run alongside Obtane). Nowadays, among other pursuits, he's connected with the Electric Deluxe crew—his debut album recently landed on Speedy J's label. The New York-based Moeller releases music under his given name and aliases including Beat Pharmacy and Echologist, the latter of which also appeared a couple times on Prologue, including the 2013 LP Storming Heaven. Lately he's been seen on labels like Mord, Planete Rouge and Styles Upon Styles. Tracklist A1 Breath Of Forgiveness A2 Sudden Stillness B1 Untuning Memory (Takaaki Itoh Remix) B2 Untuning Memory ATT Series will release The Anatomy Of Thought on November 10th, 2015.