Field Records announces first solo EPs

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  • Staffan Linzatti, Szare and Isorinne have upcoming releases on the Dutch label.
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  • Field Records have plans to release a trio of EPs from Staffan Linzatti, Szare and Isorinne. These will be the Dutch techno label's first solo EPs. Until now, Field Records has specialised in mini-compilations, which it's been releasing since it launched in 2008. These mini-compilations collected work from a rotating cast of artists, many of whom appeared more than once. Staffan Linzatti, who supplies the first solo EP, is a newcomer to the label, debuting with five tracks on Field 17. Szare, who dropped two cuts on Field Records last year, handles Field 18, while Michel Isorinne, best known his work alongside Varg as D.Å.R.F.D.H.S., also releases his first solo EP in Field 19. The EPs follow the release of Field Records' first albums. L'estasi Dell'oro, D.Å.R.F.D.H.S. and Kartei all dropped full-lengths earlier this year. Tracklist Field17: Staffan Linzatti A1 Madness A2 Lost A3 The Only Thing Greater Is Simpler B1 Control Room Failure B2 Who Knows Where To Go Field18: Szare A1 The Silver Number A2 Buried Railsh B1 Crop Failure B2 Overcharged By The Pump Field19: Isorinne A1 Blurred Perceptions of Substance A2 Reality Is What You Can Get Away Wit A3 Whereabouts Unknown B1 Without Tears B2 Terrestrial Measure Field Records will release Field 17, Field 18 and Field 19 in October, November and December 2015 respectively.