2ManyDJs start new label, Deewee

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  • The Dewaele brothers' latest venture launches on September 19th.
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  • 2ManyDJs have started a new label called Deewee. Deewee will begin this month with a two-track record from Klanken, Drie / Twee. The Belgian duo, real names David and Stephen Dewaelee, are offering little information about who Klanken is. However sales notes for the 12-inch reveal it was recorded in their hometown, Ghent, suggesting the brothers themselves are behind the record. The Dewaeles rose to prominence as 2ManyDJs in the early 2000s. Since then they've toured heavily with their band, Soulwax, and in more recent times they've indulged their interest in high-end audio with Despacio, a roving soundsystem they developed with James Murphy. Tracklist A1 - Drie B1 - Twee Deewee will release Drie / Twee on September 19th, 2015. Photo credit: Rob Walbers