Akufen, John Beltran remix Bruce Brubaker

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  • More dates in the US and France are also on the way for the American pianist.
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  • Glass Piano Versions, a remixes EP based off Bruce Brubaker's InFiné Music-issued interpretations of Philip Glass, is due in October. Brubaker, a NYC-based pianist who's known Glass, and performed his works, for years, linked up with InFiné for Glass Piano, released just a few months ago. That set of solo piano interpretations has now been given over to a wide-ranging group of remixers, who were invited to "bring their own consciousness" to bear, according to a press release. Four longtime producers are involved: Akufen, John Beltran, Francesco Tristano (who studied under Brubaker at the Julliard School in New York; the two still play together on occasion) and Plaid. "InFiné's youngest protégé" Julian Earle leads off, and another lesser-known artist, Biblo, from Turkey, makes an appearance as well. More dates have also been confirmed for Brubaker. Starting in late September, the itinerary has him playing five gigs across France, along with US stops by way of Los Angeles and St. Paul. For now, you can check out Plaid's remix below.
    Tracklist 01. Mad Rush (Julian Earle Remix) 02. Metamorphosis 1 (Akufen Interpretation) 03. Metamorphosis 3 (John Beltran's Tangerine Sunset Mix) 04. Metamorphosis 4 (Biblo Remix) 05. Knee For Thought (Francesco Tristano Vision) 06. Metamorphosis 5 (Plaid Remix) InFiné Music will release Glass Piano Versions on October 9th, 2015.