Windish Agency joins Paradigm Music Division

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  • The Chicago artist agency has announced a "partnership" with the company that owns AM Only and Coda.
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  • Windish Agency has announced that it will partner with the Paradigm Music Division. Chicago-based Windish is one of the most important artist agencies when it comes to electronic music—Jamie xx, Four Tet and Laurent Garnier are among their clients. Their announcement today means that the Windish roster will combine with the Paradigm roster, which also includes other agencies Coda and AM Only, though founder Tom Windish will continue to run his part of the company as well as coming on board with the Paradigm leadership. When asked by Billboard to clarify the move, Windish insisted that the venture was a partnership not a purchase, saying "it really has nothing to do about money with me. I don't have big plans to go on vacation or something. It's more about who do I want to pair up with that can help my clients and the people that work at my company get to places they've never been before and they want to be." "The common thread in building Paradigm Music has been to invest in strong, visionary leaders who are universally respected by their peers and committed to building careers the right way," says CEO Sam Gores. "From the moment I met Tom Windish I was impressed with his business acumen, integrity, leadership, taste, and unique way of thinking. Over the years Paradigm has established a pattern of successful partnerships that together have formed a unified culture that I am proud of."