DJ Sneak announces Magnetic Cuts compilation series

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  • DJ W!LD, Phil Weeks and Sneak himself will feature on the six-volume collection, which launches next month.
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  • Magnetic Recordings will release six compilations, starting with the first volume on July 27th. The label was launched in 2001 by Toronto-based DJ Sneak, AKA Carlos Sosa, and it's since become a reliable outlet for the kind of no-nonsense house that Sneak is most associated with. Magnetic Cuts is the label's largest-scale project yet, with six compilations to be released in 2015. So far, details have been announced for the first three. Number one will focus on typical house fare, number two will comprise disco-influenced tracks and vocal house tunes and the third will home in on more techy material. Aside from Sneak's own tracks, Magnetic Cuts will feature contributions from the likes of DJ W!ld, Darius Syrossian and Phil Weeks. After the first collection—clips from which you can stream below—lands in July, the second will follow in August and the third in September. Details on volumes four through six are still under wraps.
    Tracklist Magnetic Cuts V.1 01. Bebadim - Best Of This Love 02. El Fundador - Holla At My Soul 03. Arturo Garces - Closer To The Feeling 04. Tripmastaz - No Turning Back 05. Ramon Tapia - Don’t Go 06. DJ Sneak & DJ Dan - Super Juice 07. Los Escorpiones - El Underground 08. DJ Sneak - El Sonido Bestial 09. DJ Sneak & Monoman - Watch Your Back (DJ Sneak Remix) 10. DJ Sneak - U Can’t Hide From Your Bud (Original) Magnetic Cuts V.2 01. Junia - Touche 02. O&A - New York 03. Jem Atkins - Pushin On (Darius Syrossian Mix) 04. DJ W!LD - Shiva 05. J Paul Ghetto - Imma Let You Know 06. DJ Sneak - Eve With Champagne 07. Lex Wolf - Asylum 08. DJ Sneak - Respect Bonito (Justin Long Remix) 09. Tripmastaz - Back On His BS (Bebadim Classic) 10. DJ Sneak - I Rep Underground Magnetic Cuts V.3 01 DJ Sneak - The Hot Shit 02 H Foundation ft. C1 - Kontrol Room 03 Bluntz & Roachez - We Is Underground (Hector Moralez Remix) 04 DJ W!LD - Essen 05 DJ Sneak - Gangster Steppin 06 DJ Sneak & Monoman - Sally Go Round (Monomania Mix) 07 DJ Sneak & Chris Simmonds - What You Feel (Chris Simmonds Mix) 08 Phil Weeks & Joss Moog - Not Over 09 DJ Sneak - Chicago Theme 10 DJ Sneak - Sticky Sheit (Hodges Sheitty Mix) Magnetic Recordings will release Magnetic Cuts V.1 on July 27th, 2015, Magnetic Cuts V.2 on August 17th, 2015 and Magnetic Cuts V.3 on September 7th, 2015.