Mister Saturday Night open new outdoor bar, Nowadays

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  • The Queens watering hole and BBQ joint is open now, and will focus on showcasing full albums.
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  • Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin have opened a new bar in Queens, New York, called Nowadays. The duo, known for their Mister Saturday Night parties, have been working on their new endeavour for months now, without the help of outside investors, according to an article in the New York Times. They've started Nowadays in collaboration with Mark Connell, who runs Botanica and Estela elsewhere in New York. Nowadays is situated at 56-06 Cooper Avenue, next to Trinity Cemetery and between the Halsey Street and Wilson Avenue stops on the L train. It's an all-outdoor venue with "a grid of honey locust trees, imaginative pathways of light, dusty blue stone gravel, rustic benches made of salvaged construction timbers and locally-sourced black locust wood," according to the Times. It'll have a classic American-style BBQ menu (with vegetarian options), and musically, the bar will focus on showcasing full albums from the duo's 10,000-strong record collection. "Playing full albums is a way of trying to make Nowadays feel more like our backyard; it feels more easygoing," Carter says. "You'll be in the mood to take your time." Photo credit: Natalie Keyssar