Erdbeerschnitzel returns with an album for Rote Liebe

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  • Tim Keiling has prepped The Attendants for a July release.
  • Erdbeerschnitzel returns with an album for Rote Liebe image
  • Erdbeerschnitzel will release The Attendants on Rote Liebe this July 13th. The German producer, known for his slowed-down, melodic house sound, was responsible for the Cologne imprint's fourth release and is coming off a couple of well-received EPs for Delsin. As opposed to the more beat-oriented fare he's been exploring as of late, The Attendants covers "more subtle grounds, featuring a mixture of contemporary electronic composition and hazy experimental pieces just outside the dancefloor proper," according to the label. The nine-track record marks Rote Liebe's first foray into full-length territory. The label was established in 2013 as an extension of the German collective's regular club nights. We spoke with Erdbeerschnitzel, real name Tim Keiling, way back in 2011 as part of our Breaking Through series. Check out the feature here. Tracklist A1 Feiler A2 Hessian Arc A3 Fendrick A4 Corbinian A5 Tennental B1 Girus B2 Relief B3 Druse B4 Seyden Rote Liebe will release The Attendants on July 13th, 2015.