Banco De Gaia's Last Train To Lhasa gets 20th anniversary reissue

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  • The four-CD set of the '90s classic features new versions and remixes.
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  • Banco De Gaia's classic album Last Train To Lhasa is getting a deluxe reissue in June. Originally released on Planet Dog in 1995, Last Train To Lhasa was one of the classic electronica albums of the '90s, touching on ambient and trance. It was often mistaken as a Tibetan-themed record, but only the title track featured any Tibetan sounds (and it was famously featured towards the end of Sasha & Digweed's influential 1996 mix CD Northern Exposure). Now, Banco De Gaia founder Toby Marks's Disco Gecko label is giving the album a lavish 20th anniversary boxset. The first disc offers a remastered version of the entire album plus unreleased track "Eagle," while discs two and three offer a jumble of previously-released extended mixes (some from the original multi-disc issue of the LP) and new ones, including a 44-minute version of "Kincajou" and a "Very Extended Ambient Mix" of "Last Train To Lhasa." The fourth comprises a handful of remixes, including a few that were originally issued earlier this year on a 12-inch for the title track. You can listen to the "Very Extended Mix" of "Last Train To Lhasa" here and watch a "2015 edit" video for the track below.
    Tracklist CD 1: 01. Last Train To Lhasa 02. Kuos 03. China (Clouds Not Mountains) 04. Amber 05. Kincajou 06. White Paint 07. 887 (Structure) 08. Eagle CD 2: 01. Kuos (Gnomes Mix) 02. Kincajou (Duck! Asteroid - Extended Version) 03. Eagle (Small Steppa Mix) CD 3: 01. China (Follow The Red Brick Road) 02. Amber (Insect Intelligence) 03. 887 (Darkside Return) 04. White Paint (Where's The Runway Dub) 05. Last Train To Lhasa (Very Extended Ambient Mix) CD 4: 01. Last Train To Lhasa (AstroPilot Remix) 02. Kuos (Bluetech Remix) 03. China (Andrew Heath Remix) 04. Amber (Andy Guthrie Mix) 05. Kincajou (M N Taal Mix) 06. White Paint (Alucidnation’s Remix) 07. 887 (Sonasha Remix) 08. Eagle (Nick Manasseh Dub) Disco Gecko will release Last Train To Lhasa on June 26th, 2015.