Fur Coat step up for Balance Presents

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  • The Venezuelan duo select tunes from Âme, Efdemin, DJ Koze and Slam on their first official mix.
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  • Fur Coat have compiled a mix for the Balance Presents series, due out May 18th. "We had a very clear idea of what we wanted to do," say the duo, whose Balance Presents mix follows previous efforts from Kölsch, Guy J and jozif. "We wanted a timeless mix that you can put in your car, listen at home, or any place that you want, having a story being told in an hour or so. It's that kind of music that has no expiry date. We mixed the compilation live in Barcelona, at Israel's house, with Traktor and an Allen & Heath mixer. We really wanted to have that DJ feeling, the actual feeling of it being mixed, not just dropping the tracks on Ableton and mapping automations." The 18-track selection features tunes and remixes from the likes of Âme, Mathew Jonson & The Mole, Luke Slater, DJ Koze, Michael Mayer, Barnt, Efdemin and Slam. There are also three exclusive tracks: one from Francesca Lombardo, another from Fur Coat themselves and an Agoria remix of Metronomy. Listen to a preview of the mix below.
    Tracklist 01. Tobias - If (Mathew Jonson & The Mole Remix) 02. Masomenos - Post Communism In Casablanca 03. Embassy of Joy - Addiction (Patlac Remix) 04. Akubu - Phuture Bound (A^me Remix) 05. Chardronnet vs Afrilounge - Morning Poem feat. Phetote The Poet 06. Francesca Lombardo – Perseidi 07. Tokyo Black Star - Caballero (Radio Slave's Innervision Remix) 08. Cesare vs Disorder - Monasterio 09. Slam - Visual Capture (Luke Slater Remix) 10. Simon Flower - Phosphenes (Efdemin Remix) 11. Fur Coat - Monday 12. Metronomy - Love Letters (Agoria Remix) 13. Fur Coat - U Turn 14. Roman Flu¨gel - O.T.H. 15. Malandra Jr - Infinity 16. DJ Koze - Mariposa 17. Michael Mayer- Voigt Kampff Test (Barnt Remix) Balance will release Balance Presents Fur Coat on May 18th, 2015.