Blawan, Surgeon and KiNK help launch Tiptop Audio Records

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  • The modular-focused label has a nine-track LP on the way.
  • Blawan, Surgeon and KiNK help launch Tiptop Audio Records image
  • A new label called Tiptop Audio Records has a nine-track LP featuring modular recordings from Blawan, Surgeon and more on the way. The label is a project of Tiptop Audio, an LA-based company that builds modular instruments. For their first release they've lined up a nine-track compilation. In addition to Blawan and Surgeon, the LP features the likes of KiNK, Richard Devine, Phase VI (AKA John Tejada and Drumcell) and Christian Burkhardt. A double-vinyl LP with artwork by Matteo Giampaglia will be followed by a digital version. Listen to snippets of all nine tracks below.
    And watch a video teaser below.
    Tracklist 01. Angle - FM 02. Phase VI - Theta Phase 03. Blawan - Meg 04. Surgeon - Techno Blush 05. KiNK - Tail Of Prisma 06. Christian Burkhardt - Gin Tronic 07. Joao Ceser - Fifth Dimension 08. Jospeh Fraioli - Circadian Rhythms 09. Richard Devine - CR Hex Mutant V.A. 001 is coming soon on Tiptop Audio Records.