Hudd Traxx celebrates ten years with Now & Then series

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  • Chez Damier and Rick Wade are among the artists tapped for the UK label's landmark releases.
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  • UK house label Hudd Traxx has announced their 50th through 53rd records: four 12-inch compilations titled 10 Years Of Hudd Traxx – Now & Then - Part 1-4, to be released starting May 4th. Hudd Traxx, named after founders Slum Science's hometown, Huddersfield, began in 2005 as a house label dedicated to working with Chicago and Detroit forbears and their modern European counterparts. For the quartet of various artists releases, HT will press up new tracks to the A-side ("now") and some of the most enduring releases from over the past decade to the B ("then"). The first volume, out in May, has new cuts from Tomson and Chez Damier along with Iron Curtis's 2010 track "You Are" and an Agnès remix of "The Bass," a production by Synthcast, Pagal and (label co-founder) Eddie Leader. The label's 51st release features German duo Luna City Express and Sek on the "now" side with some Midwest veterans, Iz & Diz and Rick Wade, contributing "Happy" and "Do It" off their respective 2006 and 2010 efforts for the label. Part Three starts off with a new collaboration between Eddie Leader and Oakland house head Hector Moralez. That EP also includes "Twilight" by Drumpoet Community artist Washerman and older entries from Brett Dancer and Rhythm Plate, whose "Keep Moving" was originally issued on their cleverly named 2006 EP, Robbin' Hudd. The fourth and final tenth anniversary EP is out in late 2015 and has new work from Ekkohaus and Mihai Popoviciu as well as older Hudd Traxx from rising Italian producer Rio Padice and JT Donaldson, whose "Just Bounce" is among the label's best-selling records to date. Tracklist Part 1 01. Tomson – On The Buttons 02. Chez Damier – El Fin Esta Cerca 03. Synthcast, Pagal & Eddie Leader – The Bass (Agnès Knees Down Mixx) 04. Iron Curtis – You Are Part 2 01. Luna City Express – Good Condition 02. Sek – Thug Life Interlude 03. Iz & Diz - Happy 04. Rick Wade – Do It Part 3 01. Eddie Leader Feat Hector Moralez – Way Back 02. Washerman - Twilite 03. Brett Johnson – Mr Smarty Pants 04. Rhythm Plate – Keep Moving Part 4 01. Ekkohaus - Modest Fun 02. Mihai Popoviciu - Two Minutes Ago 03. Rio Padice - Dirty Belvedere 04. JT Donaldson - Just Bounce Hudd Traxx will release 10 Years Of Hudd Traxx – Now & Then - Part 1 on May 25th. Part 2 on June 29th, Part 3 on September 7th and Part 4 on October 5th, 2015.