Tale Of Us head to South Africa with Bridges For Music

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  • We speak to the Berlin-based duo about their fundraising shows in Johannesburg and Cape Town.
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  • Tale Of Us will embark on a two-date South African tour at the end of February courtesy of Bridges For Music. Carmine Conte and Matteo Milleri will play two shows: one at Johannesburg's And Club with Toy Toy on Friday, February 27th, and a second for Kinky Disco in Cape Town on the 28th. They'll be making their African debut as part of Bridges For Music's ongoing drive to raise awareness about music in South Africa's underprivileged areas. All of of the proceeds from the two shows will go to Bridges For Music. (Tale Of Us will be waiving their fee for both shows.) A solid cast of South African artists will be on hand to support at both gigs, with Trancemicsoul, Jazzuelle, Deep Aztec, AudioJerk Cabin Crew, Dogstarr, Fabio, Killer Robot, Thibo Tazz and Black Book all confirmed. Those who can't make it to the shows but still wish to donate can do so here. While they're in South Africa, Tale Of Us will also hold a free workshop on February 26th in Langa, where a music school is being built following last year's RA charity cycle from London to Amsterdam. The tour comes just a few weeks after Loco Dice travelled to South Africa for a similar initiative. We caught up with Conte and Milleri via email this week to find out more:
    What led you to join up with Bridges For Music on this tour? ? We've decided to join this great adventure because we deeply believe that education and music are the keys to helping people getting away from poverty and elevate their minds. ?This is exactly what BFM is doing and we're thrilled to participate. What kinds of tips will you be giving locals during your workshop?? Dig and develop your own sounds. Care moderately about what people think. Stay independent. ??? What else have you guys got on the cards in 2015?? A lot of gigs, including touring in some countries we've never been to. We also have big summer plans that we'll be able to speak about soon. ?And a lot of new music that'll probably lead to an album later this year.
    Tickets to both events are available here on RA.