Berghain hosts No Historical Backspin

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  • Monika Kruse's charity event, which promotes the fight against "racism, xenophobia and malicious agitation," will take place on March 12th.
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  • A series of back-to-back sets will take place at Berghain/Panorama Bar on Thursday, March 12th, as part of Monika Kruse's No Historical Backspin party series. The event sees a handful of Berghain/Panorama Bar residents and regulars joined by some guests. Answer Code Request and Kobosil will spin back-to-back, as will Barker & Baumecker, Tama Sumo and Lakuti and techno pair Tommy Four Seven and Pär Grindvik, while Kruse will play alongside recent RA Exchange subject Boris. "No one should be discriminated against, hindered or hurt because of their personal background, race, gender, belief, physical challenges or sexual orientation—be it in Germany or elsewhere," says Kruse. "We're against all forms of discrimination—be it sexism, homophobia, or anti-Semitism. 70 years after the National Socialist tyranny in Germany we'd like to celebrate society's diversity through music, joy and togetherness and set an example for tolerance, which should go without saying for a mutual, peaceful future." All admission money will be donated to Amadeu Antonio Stiftung and Opferfonds CURA, charities Kruse says "offer help for victims of right-wing and extremist violence."