Rane details new rotary mixer

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  • Ben UFO, Dixon, Tim Sweeney and Anthony Parasole are some of the DJs who consulted on the forthcoming MP2015.
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  • The MP2015 is Rane's new rotary mixer. Described as "a no-compromise music-mixing performance instrument," it's a high-end mixer with features both vintage and contemporary, taking inspiration both from rotary classics (the Bozak CMA-10-2DL, the UREI 1620) and a host of top-flight house and techno DJs. (According to a blog post on Rane's website, the likes of Dixon, Anthony Parasole, Martyn, Gerd Janson, Efdemin, Ben UFO and Tim Sweeney lent their expertise to the project.) Each of the four channels boasts three bands of EQ, a filter (switchable between high-pass, low-pass and a combination of the two) and a rotary pot for mixing, with a three-band isolator with adjustable crossover at the top of the unit. Interestingly, the MP2015 has a soundcard (with up to 24-bit, 96-kHz resolution) and can take digital input via a pair of USB ports; analog inputs are, not surprisingly, also available. There's no price point or release date just yet, but if the product name is any indication, we should expect it this year. The MP2015 is coming soon from Rane.