Cio D'Or reveals all in all

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  • The German producer's second album will come through Semantica later this year.
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  • Cio D'Or has a new album, all in all, in the works. A German artist hailing from Cologne, D'Or is a well-loved purveyor of hypnotic, atmospheric techno, both as a DJ and as a producer. all in all is her second LP and it comes more than five years since her first, Die Faser, issued on Prologue back in 2009. This time, she's linking up with Svreca's label Semantica for what looks to be her most expansive effort to date. The album comprises three four-track chapters: after and before, floor X and yocta to yotta. It'll come out on a twelve-track CD and a double 12-inch featuring after and before and floor X. yocta to yotta will get its own vinyl release about a month later. D'Or has also prepared a shorter, ambient-oriented special edition CD as part of the album project, and an EP of remixes is in the works as well. On top of that, she has another EP for Telrae due out later this month. She's also resumed touring, having just played in London a few days ago, and among her announced gigs is a Semantica showcase at Berghain in Berlin on Saturday, April 11th—Svreca is on the lineup, with more to be announced. RA recently caught up with D'Or for a quick chat about all in all.
    What were some of your inspirations for the album? I was inspired by films and film soundtracks, modern dance, sometimes natural disasters and political incidents, traveling, Kepler planets, pulsars, the flower on my table... How did you connect with Semantica? Enrique [Semantica head Enrique Mena, AKA Svreca] first contacted me in 2013 for some tracks. I was busy, and then in early 2014 I felt I needed to take a break from touring to create my own music, so I cancelled all my gigs. After some time to myself, I dived into the music, working on the ambient, bleep and acid sounds first, then focusing on basslines, kicks, hats, etc. all in all is split into three chapters, and you've also produced an ambient CD based off the album. Tell us about these different parts. One album, three chapters, each made for variable moments and moods. after and before is created for cinematic minds to hear at home, or for intros in DJ sets. I have been composing and creating music for theater and modern dance, and I decided to combine these sounds (piano and strings) with techno rhythms. floor X is a journey through fluid bleep and acid minimalism—"XXXIII" reflects an explosion from a supernova, and "XLIV for Mike" is a "thank you" to Mike Parker and his inspiring world of sounds. yocta to yotta represents my warmer side, influenced by my time touring through Japan and Asia. It means the smallest to the biggest unit. Sometimes something very little looks big and sometimes a huge thing appears tiny. The special-edition CD is for relaxing. It brings together lots of beatless sounds from the album and some new music. What else are you up to in 2015? My second ambient dub record for Telrae, OFF AND ON, will be released on March 19th. I am working now on my sets for the next gigs this year. I've started to create new tracks too, and new ideas, but they are secrets for now!
    Tracklist all in all after and before 01. after and before 02. tomorrow was yesterday 03. now and then 04. now is ever floor X 05. XXXIII 06. XI 07. XLIV for Mike 08. XXII yocta to yotta 09. hecto 10. yotta 11. yocta 12. zepto all in all (Special Edition CD) 01. now or never 02. IX 03. now and then 04. now and again 05. XXII (sms sounds) 06. after and before 07. XLIV for Mike (sounds) 08. tomorrow was yesterday (sounds) 09. hecto (sounds) 10. yocta (sounds) Semantica will release the all in all LP in late June, and the yocta to yotta EP and all in all CD (regular and Special Edition) in early September, 2015.