Noah Pred and Rick Bull are Concubine

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  • The Berlin-based duo will release their self-titled debut album in February.
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  • Noah Pred and Rick Bull have a new collaborative project in the works called Concubine. Pred and Bull are from Canada and Australia respectively, but both currently live in Berlin. Their upcoming self-titled LP will be the first material they've released together, and will be accompanied by a full hardware-led live show. "Concubine was forged through a strange and turbulent year for both of us," they say. "As neighbours on the outskirts of Kreuzberg, our weekly studio sessions throughout the dark winter months provided an opportunity to seek freedom from musical neuroses, while trying to make sense of our lives in this beautifully strange corner of the world. Finally releasing the album feels like the beginning of something new and unlikely—a puzzle of memories and dreams we're thankful to share." The album will not be available in physical form. Instead, you can download it over at the project's official website as of Tuesday, February 17th. The track "Alpha Jam City" is streaming there now. Tracklist 01. Resolution B 02. Pivoting Planes 03. Entropia 04. Apocalypse Disco 05. Drone Bloc 06. Alpha Jam City 07. Uncorp 08. Three Way 09. Luxend 10. Middle Sister 11. Seif Concubine will be available at the Concubine website from February 17th, 2015.