Hypnus reveals double-vinyl remixes release, Zodiac

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  • Cio D'Or, Orphx and Mike Parker have reworked tracks from the Swedish label's catalog.
  • Hypnus reveals double-vinyl remixes release, Zodiac image
  • Deep-diving Swedish techno imprint Hypnus Records has announced plans for a double-vinyl pack of remixes, Zodiac, which is due to drop in January. Launched earlier this year and based in Bålsta, Hypnus is a conceptual project whose operations are aligned "in harmony with the Sun, Moon and stars." Records, which have so far featured similarly newer names like BLNDR, Korridor, Luigi Tozzi and Ntogn, are released every other full moon, with digital versions coming after on the following new moon. And Hypnus, which is influenced by astrology, is just the first of a three-part label family: the second, Kabalion, honoring "mother Gaia," the personification of Earth, kicked off a few months ago and has so far hosted tracks from Yuka and Antonio Ruscito. Zodiac, scheduled for release on January's full moon, Monday the 5th, sees Hypnus reaching out and enlisting some of the scene's most prominent producers for reworks. One that stands out on the tracklist is Cio D'Or, making a rare remix appearance. Mike Parker, who collaborated with the label to create the cover artwork (fans will notice his distinctive visual style overlaid with Hypnus's snake logo), is also on hand, as are a couple duos, Orphx and Cassegrain (who contribute two remixes), along with Ness, Svreca, Alan Backdrop and Edit Select. Hypnus has this to say about Zodiac:
    "This release is meant to honor those who have inspired us to do what we do as well as a monument for our own sound and a gift to our amazing supporters. It is also, just like all our releases, thought to further illuminate our vision and everything that we do. It shows where we come from both in sound, participants, visual art and name. Our order is more than a techno label, it is a philosophy about life and art."
    Tracklist A1 Korridor - Dyson Sector (Cassegrain Swarm Vinyl Edit) A2 Korridor - Dyson Sector (Cassegrain Stellar Remix) A3 Korridor - Binocular Observer (Ness Remix) B1 BLNDR - The Untitleds (Svreca Remix) B2 Korridor - Vacuum Decay (Mike Parker Remix) C1 BLNDR - Mental Stretching (Incantation 2 Alan Backdrop Remix) C2 Ntogn & Tozzy - Wsjr (Orphx Remix) D1 BLNDR - Untitled 1 (Cio D'Or Trilogy Remix) D2 Luigi Tozzi - Sub-Photic Zone (Edit Select Remix) Hypnus Records will release Zodiac on January 5th, 2015.