Icicle has Entropy

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  • The Dutch drum & bass producer will release his second album through Shogun Audio in November.
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  • Entropy, the second LP from Icicle, will land on November 17th. Dutch-born, London-based Jeroen Snik has been a staple of the Shogun Audio roster since 2008. It's the label that hosted his debut album, and which has showcased his increasing interest in genres outside of drum & bass. He's since become known as a bit of a polymath, often including techno and dubstep in his sets. Said to be inspired equally by grime, classic drum & bass and trip-hop, the label claims that Entropy is some of Snik's hardest-hitting work to date. It also features a number of more ambient interludes, as well as vocal appearances from Sarah Hezan and MCs Skittles, Metropolis and SP:MC. "This new album is more of a look into what I think the future of this sound could be," Snik is quoted as saying in a press release. "The term ‘entropy’ means a ‘state of disorder’ or 'measure of chaos,' which I felt was a great metaphor for how my production style has evolved, diversified and developed over the years." Listen to one of the tracks off the album, "Neutralize," below.
    Tracklist 01. Entropy 1 02. Problem feat. Skittles 03. Isolation 04. Mechanisms 05. Superimposed feat. Sarah Hezen 06. Entropy 2 07. Hyper Velocity feat. SPMC 08. Neutralize 09. Will You Be Mine feat. Sarah Hezen 10. Amp 11. Entropy 3 12. Acidic 13. The Edge feat. Metrolpolis 14. Want It 15. Hani 16. Entropy 4 Shogun Audio will release Entropy on November 17th, 2014.