Ornaments announces mix CD

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  • Overseen by Rhauder, the two-disc effort features music from Andrés, Redshape and Luke Hess.
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  • Ornaments Music have outlined details of a double-CD mix by Rhauder. The Ornaments Symphony CD, which is limited to 333 copies, arrives in a metal box with a hand-numbered insert. It showcases some of the music that's come out on the label in the past couple of years. Most of the original music comes from Ornaments regulars like youAND:THEMACHINES, Carlos Nilmmns, The Analog Roland Orchestra and Marko Fu¨rstenberg, while remixes come from bigger names likes Andrés, Boo Williams, Redshape, Luke Hess, XDB, Robert Owens, Steve Bug and Basic Soul Unit. Tracklist CD 1: 01. youAND:THEMACHINES – Noise Room 02. youAND:THEMACHINES – Beyond (Carlos Nilmmns Interpretation) 03. The Analog Roland Orchestra – Dubmind 04. youAND:THEMACHINES – Inner Connected (Freund der Familie Remix) 05. Carlos Nilmmns – Love Triumphant 06. youAND:THEMACHINES – Diamond (Youandewan Dub) 07. The Analog Roland Orchestra – Velvet Green (Rhauder Remix) 08. youAND:THEMACHINES – Desire (Rising Sun Elaborate 1&2) 09. Marko Fu¨rstenberg – Dwights Warning 10. youAND:THEMACHINES – Entrance Room (Freund der Familie Remix) 11. youAND:THEMACHINES – Diamond 12. youAND:THEMACHINES – Sway 13. youAND:THEMACHINES – Perception feat. Brothers’ Vibe 14. Carlos Nilmmns – Light And Shadow feat. Keter Darker 15. Carlos Nilmmns – The Longer We Wait feat. Sandra Boumezer 16. youAND:THEMACHINES – Beyond (youANDme Remix) 17. youAND:THEMACHINES – The Veil feat. Keter Darker 18. youAND:THEMACHINES – Sansula (Basic Soul Unit Remix) 19. The Analog Roland Orchestra – 1984 CD2: 01. Carlos Nilmmns – Bumpin 02. youAND:THEMACHINES – Inner Connected feat. Robert Owens (Sascha Dive's Soultrain Vocal Dub) 03. youAND:THEMACHINES – Drift feat. Bajka (Boo Williams Remix) 04. The Analog Roland Orchestra – Memoryman 05. Mod.Civil – Sunbeam 06. The Analog Roland Orchestra – Wax (Redshape Remix) 07. The Analog Roland Orchestra – Stuck 08. youAND:THEMACHINES – Drift (Steve Bug's Raw And Reduced Instrumental) 09. The Analog Roland Orchestra – Reset 10. Mod.Civil – Opto Watts 11. youAND:THEMACHINES – The Veil feat. Keter Darker (Duel Reshape) 12. Marko Fu¨rstenberg – Saturday 15th 13. The Analog Roland Orchestra – Thrill 14. youAND:THEMACHINES – Perception feat. Brothers' Vibe (XDB Remix) 15. Carlos Nilmmns, Davina, Niko Marks – Get By Me (Andre´s Remix) 16. Carlos Nilmmns, Davina, Niko Marks – Get By Me (Alt Mix) 17. Rhauder feat. Paul St.Hilaire – Sidechain (pop–a–dub version) 18. Rhauder feat. Paul St.Hilaire – Sidechain (original mix) Ornaments will release Ornaments Symphony on November 24th, 2014.