Paco Osuna makes a Long Play

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  • Minus will release the Barcelona producer's debut LP next month.
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  • Paco Osuna will release his album debut on Minus in October. He's calling it Long Play, and the title seems especially apt—given that he DJed for nearly a decade before making music, and then released music for over a decade before tackling the album format, he does seem to be playing a long game. The material was written with dance floors in mind, riddled with big basslines and likely shaped in no small part by his successful seasons in Ibiza. Osuna also says his newborn son provided a good deal of inspiration for the project as well: "I just wanted to do something that I can say to my son in the future, 'I made this album right when you were born, and you were my inspiration.'" An album tour for Long Play will see Osuna play dates in Paris (October 3rd), London (November 8th) and more. You can download a free track, "Cretine," here. Tracklist 01. Let's Dream 02. Only You 03. No Games 04. Gatescape 05. Pluss Basss 06. Longituden 07. Away From Home 08. Ying Yang Minus will release Long Play on October 13th, 2014.