Luke Vibert and DMX Krew appear on new De:tuned compilation

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  • The Belgian party is turning five with a five-LP boxset.
  • Luke Vibert and DMX Krew appear on new De:tuned compilation image
  • Belgian club night De:tuned will celebrate five years of operation with a vinyl boxset in November. De:tuned was founded by Antwerp DJs Bonny and Konnekt. Retro-tinged techno and acid house has been the main soundtrack so far, with Bonny and Konnekt listing labels like R&S, Warp and Rephlex as major influences. This is apparent in the sound of the forthcoming compilation, which features 21 unreleased, '90-rooted tracks from a mixture of established and lesser-known names. Luke Vibert, DMX Krew, Hardfloor and Neil Landstrumm all appear on the five-LP set, which is destined for a vinyl-only release through De:tuned's self-titled label arm. Tracklist A1 Luke Vibert - Steamy Knicks A2 EDMX - Hard Weird Filter A3 B12 - Let Me Free B1 LA Synthesis – Reprise B2 Omsk Information & Dr. Walker - Daddy Kills People C1 Erik van den Broek – Primerose C2 Terrace - Mind Transfer D1 Maarten van der Vleuten – Luvdancing D2 Outlander - The Inner Core E1 Mark Gage - Through The Ort Cloud E2 Frank De Wulf - Motor Waves F1 Thomas P. Heckmann - Jacktrax 1 F2 Leo Anibaldi – Gosling G1 Neil Landstrumm - Boca Nueva G2 Mark Archer - Tripod + 1 H1 Hardfloor - Black Train H2 Mike Dred – Lound I1 Steve Stoll - The Message I2 The Advent - Road Rage J1 Robert Leiner - Metal Rider J2 Mike Dearborn – Instincts De:tuned will release 5 Years De:tuned in November 2014.