Adam X is Irreformable

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  • The New York techno veteran will drop his next album in October.
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  • Adam X has unveiled his next album, Irreformable, set for release on October 21st. Irreformable is Mitchell's first full-length under his Adam X moniker since 2008's State Of Limbo—after which he turned his attention to two side projects. One, Traversable Wormhole, largely resuscitated the veteran's career after a mid-2000s lull, and the other, ADMX-71, focused on more experimental territory, recently debuting on L.I.E.S.. That L.I.E.S. EP showcased a more EBM-influenced sound, a take on techno that Mitchell has been peddling since the early days—and a torch that Irreformable takes up, according to Mitchell's label Sonic Groove, which will release the record. Reportedly recorded over the course of a year, the press release promises a "refined industrial-sounding album that broods with dark energy that twists and turns." Tracklist 01. Interchanges 02. Catenary 03. Binary Possession 04. On The Verge Of Decimation 05. Sheer Insanity 06. Irreformable 07. In A Race Against Time 08. Tornado Warning 09. It's All Relative 10. Small Black Object Sonic Groove will release Irreformable on October 21st, 2014.