Berghain announces tenth anniversary exhibition

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  • Carsten Nicolai, Sven Marquardt and more will be showing work in Halle am Berghain this August to kick off the Berlin club's birthday celebration.
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  • Berghain/Panorama Bar is launching its tenth anniversary celebration this August with a visual art exhibition. The Berlin club is often discussed in terms of its cavernous digs (in a former heat and power station on the border of Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg), endless club nights, inscrutable door policy, top-flight resident DJs and smart bookings. Simply titled 10, the exhibition will turn the focus on Berghain's less-discussed connection to the wider arts scene. "Since the opening of Berghain in 2004, the triumvirate of music, arts and clubbing has been a central aspect and adds up to an entity," the press release reads. "Many of the artists involved in the exhibition are closely associated with the club since its launch. Some also know Berghain as their workplace, with close connections and interactions resulting from the relationship with the venue." One such artist is Sven Marquardt, the club's iconic doorman, who will be exhibiting his photography. The other recognizable name to electronic music fans is Raster-Noton founder and multidisciplinary artist Carsten Nicolai. Much of the art in 10 was developed specifically for the show, covering such topics as "club culture, the phenomenon of mass, non elitism, cult of the body and tattoos, neoclassicism and the ruinous rawness of the building." It runs daily (except Mondays) from August 8th through 31st in the Halle Am Berghain, a large space behind the main club that's only open on special occasions.