Prison Garde drops cassette for 100% Silk

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  • The veteran Montreal producer has debuted on the LA label, and has a release due on ASL Singles Club as well.
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  • Prison Garde has a cassette out on 100% Silk. Occultsystem is Canadian producer Robert Squire's first release on the LA label, and also marks a major return to music after moving to Montreal to open a barber shop. The one-time hip-hop producer formerly known as Sixtoo (and one member of Megasoid) has lived all around Canada, and he established the Prison Garde moniker while in Vancouver around 2011 as an outlet for house and boogie-influenced hardware jams. The imprint calls the tape "ten of his starkest greyscale technoid skeletons" made using "a TR-909, Moog Minitaur, Juno-60, Tetra synthesizer, 3630 Compressor, some pedals, and a mixing desk." Montrealer Ango and Vancouverites Ace Decade and Kevin Eames also contributed to the release, which is out digitally today. You can stream "Black Grey Modulator" below. Vancouver label ASL Singles Club also has an EP in the works from Squire, this time a five-tracker called Forts which is due out in late June.
    Tracklist Occultsystem 01. New World Mission 02. Battery 03. Radio Jammer 04. Black Grey Modulator 05. Option 06. Occultsystem 07. Plate Charger 08. Thud Drugs 09. Grain Elevator 10. Facetime Forts 01. Wafer Thinner 02. Mantle Trophy 03. Body Cannon 04. 35 MPH 05. 50,000W 100% Silk released Occultsystem on May 8th, 2014 and ASL Singles Club will release Forts in late June 2014.