Dalhous return with Will To Be Well

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  • Blackest Ever Black will release the Edinburgh-based outfit's second album.
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  • The second album from Scottish duo Dalhous will see release on Blackest Ever Black in June. Marc Dall and Alex Ander first appeared on Blackest Ever Black in 2012, and so far they've chalked up an album and two EPs for Kiran Sande's label. According to a press mailout, Will To Be Well reflects Dall's "continued interest in the life and arcana" of Scottish psychiatrist and author R.D. Laing, who was referenced in the title of the first Dalhous LP, An Ambassador For Laing. The album also explores "the relationships between body and mind, illness and wellness, the physical and the metaphysical," with track titles that touch on these themes—"Her Mind Was A Blank," "Thoughts Out Of Season"—alongside others like "Lovers Of The Highlands," which explores Dall and Ander's "deep connection to the rugged contours of their native Scottish landscape." Will To Be Well follows the recent Visibility Is A Trap EP, which landed via Blackest Ever Black this month. You can stream album cut "Abyssal Plane" via the SoundCloud player below:
    Tracklist 01. First Page From Justine 02. A Communion With These People 03. Function Curve 04. Sensitised To This Area 05. Lovers Of The Highlands 06. Four Daughters By Four Women 07. Her Mind Was A Blank 08. Transference 09. To Be Universal You Must Be Specific 10. Someone Secure 11. Entertain The Idea 12. Abyssal Plane 13. Thoughts Out Of Season 14. DSM-III 15. Masquerading As Love Blackest Ever Black will release Will To Be Well on June 30th, 2014.