Asher Levitas and Michael Crowe are Penny

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  • The Old Apparatus-affiliated project will debut on new label Overshare Records in March.
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  • Asher Levitas has worked with writer Michael Crowe on a new project called Penny. Levitas is a member of Old Apparatus, a shadowy UK collective known for their darkly-tinted electronic music for Deep Medi and more recently, their own Sullen Tone label. He also worked with vocalist Linn Carin Dirdal last year on another project called Saa, which released an EP on Left Blank. Crowe, meanwhile, is a writer famous for his Mysterious Letters project, where he and Lenka Clayton have set out to write letters to "everyone in the world." Penny is each artist's latest endeavour, and the press release describes it as "spectral R&B, mutant techno, sombre acid house and technicolor industrial." The self-titled EP also marks the launch for the duo's new label, Overshare Records, which will release a new Saa record later this year, plus audiobooks, cassettes and other goodies. Check out a teaser for the EP here or below.
    Tracklist 01. Pen#1 02. Pen#2 03. Pen#3 Overshare Records will release Penny on March 17th, 2014.