New Kanada explores Ambient Parks

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  • The new compilation features beatless cuts from Ricardo Tobar, The Mole and plenty of others.
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  • New Kanada will release a collection of ambient material next Monday, February 17th. Adam Marshall's imprint has seen a surge of new interest off the back of hotly-tipped releases by artists like the mysterious Diva and Marshall's new collaborative project with fellow Canadian XI, Graze. Not too far off from the release of that group's debut album (and following an from new signing Miajica), the label kicks off 2014 in earnest with Ambient Parks, a 17-track compilation that showcases its roster's ambient wares much in the same vein as Kompakt's Pop Ambient series. Ambient Parks features producers like The Mole, Jokers of the Scene, Mike Shannon and Tazz getting out of their house-centric comfort zones, while more ambient-tinged acts like XI's Ambalance and Ricardo Tobar also contribute. Tracklist 01. Ambalance – Hydro Lines 02. Fairmont – Twin Freeks 03. Jokers Of The Scene – Kanada Goose 04. Tolga Fidan – Immaculate 05. Miajica – From The Forest 06. Brennan Green – Ambien 07. Imugem Orihasam – AKA Just Let Me Laugh 08. Ricardo Tobar – Excuses Nueva Mezcla 09. Polmo Polpo – String Theory 10. John Connell – Canopy 11. Mike Shannon – Quazar 12. Andras Toth – Osidius 13. Maaskant – Echolocation 14. Tazz & Giovanni – Le Mingan 15. Murr – 1 16. James Welburn – Hold Version 17. The Mole – Ode To Canoehead New Kanada will release Ambient Parks on February 17th, 2014.