Bernard Parmegiani retrospective to be held in London

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  • Rashad Becker, Vessel and Florian Hecker will all perform at a three-day event commemorating the electronic music pioneer, who died last November.
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  • The team behind the London Contemporary Music Festival have announced details of a three-day retrospective of the music of Bernard Parmegiani, the revered experimental composer who died last year. The Frenchman taught at Groupe De Recherches Musicales (GRM), the Parisian studio that birthed musique concréte, and his body of recorded work spans 50 years. Parmegiani's exploratory electro-acoustic output continues to resonate with experimental musicians today, prompting LCMF to plan a mini-festival that pays tribute to his legacy. Kicking off on Friday, March 21st, and running through until the 23rd, the event will be held at a 22,000-sq ft former carpet factory near Brick Lane in East London. LCMF have called on three contemporary producers inspired by Parmegiani to play live at the event: Young Echo member Vessel, Vienna-based sound artist Florian Hecker and Dubplates & Mastering engineer Rashad Becker. There will also be film screenings and performances of Parmegiani's music, with representatives from GRM on hand to "diffuse" his work live through a hefty 32-speaker sound system borrowed from the University Of Kent. Tickets to the event are available here on RA.