Marcos Cabral heads to Brazil

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  • The L.I.E.S. man will join Justin Vandervolgen in São Paulo this weekend.
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  • Marcos Cabral has been booked for an appearance at Maria Balearic on Saturday, January 25th. Hosted by São Paulo's celebrated Gop Tun crew, the party will mark their first outing of 2014. Joining Cabral will be fellow New Yorker and edits specialist Justin Vandervolgen, who last week joined several of the Gop Tun regulars at Rider Weekend in Rio. Split across two rooms, the residents will be out in full force from 4 PM on Saturday, with DJ sets from Gui Scott, Kurc and Nascii and live performances from Schoolbell, Hatchets and TYV. The 500-capacity event will run until 6 AM.