Martyn announces new album, The Air Between Words

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  • We spoke with the Dutchman about this third LP, which lands on Ninja Tune in June.
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  • Martyn's third album will arrive via Ninja Tune on June 16th. The Air Between Words follows 2009's Great Lengths, which took its cues from dubstep and techno, and 2011's Ghost People, which was more house-focused. This new LP, which features collaborations with Four Tet and former Hype Williams artist copeland, is being touted as yet another stylistic evolution for the producer. Though Martyn's three albums have all been for different labels—3024, Brainfeeder and now Ninja Tune—one constant has been the cover design by Erosie, and the Dutch visual artist's distinctive style also adorns The Air Between Words. We spoke with Martyn via email this week to discuss the record in more detail:
    Your two albums to date have really showcased your development as a producer. What kind of territory do you explore on this LP? The approach to this album is much more back-to-basics than Ghost People, and I feel sonically it's closer to my debut album, although all the music is unlike any previous work. I'm really proud of it all as every song takes my sound in a slightly different direction. How did you come to release the album on Ninja Tune? I worked with the good people at Ninja before and they've always supported my music through and through. The last year or two they have become really prominent, putting out some great music and pushing the boundaries on the visual front so I'm glad to be able to put my music out with them. Where does the title come from? The Air Between Words refers to the universal force that connects every living being, like how the air between words makes a series of letters into a sentence. What else have you got in the works for 2014? I'm doing a live PA with copeland (Inga, one half of Hype Williams) which is a lot of fun. It's loosely based on a couple of the songs we wrote together. Besides that, my label 3024 has had two real strong releases this year (a Head High remix and a Leon Vynehall mini LP) and Erosie and I are working on a few more things. I really had a lot of fun collaborating with people for this album so there's definitely going to be more of that this year.
    Tracklist 01. Forgiveness Step 1 02. Glassbeadgames (with Four Tet) 03. Empty Mind 04. Drones 05. Love Of Pleasure (with copeland) 06. Two Leads And A Computer 07. Forgiveness Step 2 08. Like That 09. Lullaby 10. Fashion Skater Ninja Tune will release The Air Between Words on June 16th, 2014.