Mr Beatnick compiles The Synthetes Trilogy

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  • Don't Be Afraid will pull together tracks from the London producer's recent EPs, alongside a couple of new cuts.
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  • Mr Beatnick has revealed details of a CD called The Synthetes Trilogy, which compiles the producer's work for London label Don't Be Afraid. Nick Wilson first spoke about the release in an RA Exchange earlier this year. The 12-track set features tracks from his three records for DBA dating back to 2011—Synthetes, Sun Goddess and Savannah—as well as four previously unreleased numbers, "Waning Moon," "Nuit Blanche," "Yacht On The Nile" and "Never Dies." "I see it as a document of the last three years of my work for DBA, a sort of 'deluxe special edition' that brings it all together," the producer told Juno Plus. "It’s an hour’s worth of songs, some you might know, some you definitely don’t, so call that what you like." He describes the unreleased cuts as "different experiments in different styles, from sepia-faded blunted disco to hardcore and jungle-ish." Tracklist 01. Synthetes 02. Symbiosis 03. Beneath The Reef 04. Waning Moon 05. Casio Romance 06. Shifting Sands 07. Yacht On The Nile 08. Sun Goddess 09. Nuit Blanche 10. Savannah 11. Parallax Scroll 12. Never Dies Don't Be Afraid will release The Synthetes Trilogy on October 21st, 2013.