The Range writes Nonfiction

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  • Donky Pitch will release the Rhode Island producer's first album in October.
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  • The Range will drop Nonfiction on October 14th. The Providence, Rhode Island producer is one of the core signings to Donky Pitch, a Brighton-based crew focused on funky broken beat excursions that's also home to Lockah and ARP 101. The Range is one of their most diverse artists—the label claims that Nonfiction touches on jungle, footwork, grime and R&B, using "ethereal classical instruments, tough intricate percussion [and] thick bass." The album's two-LP vinyl release will be overseen by German imprint Project Mooncircle. Nonfiction's release will be accompanied by a short trip over to Europe, which includes appearances in Brighton, Berlin, London and Aberdeen. Listen to "Seneca" below. Tracklist 01. Loftmane 02. Everything But 03. The One 04. Jamie 05. Seneca 06. FM Myth 07. Hamiltonian 08. Postie 09. Sad Song 10. Telescope 11. Metal Swing Donky Pitch and Project Mooncircle will release Nonfiction on October 14th, 2013.