Richy Ahmed mixes Rinse:23

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  • The Hot Creations artist is next up in the London radio station's mix CD series.
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  • Details of Richy Ahmed’s Rinse:23 mix have been revealed. The London-based artist will follow Kode9 in the London radio station’s long-running mix series. He describes his 19-track selection as a "snapshot of what my club sets are like." Rinse:23 pulls together tracks from Outboxx, Danny Tenaglia, Kim Ann Foxman and Subb-an, plus a few of Ahmed’s own tracks and remixes. "The thing I look for in every track, that's universal in every type of music that I play—I look for the groove," Ahmed says. "I like it jacking, I like energy. It's all just got to have that thing in it that makes my head nod and my hips swing, you know? It's the drums that get me. I love the way that drums fit with the bass, whether it's a tiny ripple of sub-bass or a big kick in a techno track, or live disco drums, it doesn't matter—it's the way they sit together and talk to each other." A press release from Rinse says that Ahmed's mix marks a shift in the series. "Where previous instalments have featured only DJs who regularly play on the station at time of release, in future the mix series is set to cast its net wider," it reads. "Future installments will also feature DJs who are respected pioneers or important new artists within the sounds and scenes that Rinse plays and represents." Tracklist 01. Outboxx – Sunshine Mills 02. Demarzo – Draw The Line (Jingling Mix) 03. Les Cerveaux Lents – Tribute To Chicago 04. Jey Kurmis – Francis 05. Chaos In The CBD – Slab 06. Hot Natured – Reverse Skydiving feat. Anabel Englund (Tom Shorterz Remix) 07. Mark Jenkyns – Mind Dust 08. Danny Tenaglia – Read My Lips feat. Lula 09. Richy Ahmed – Your Love 10. Chris Lattner & East End Dubs – Nut Cracker 11. Kim Ann Foxman – Creature (Richy Ahmed Remix) 12. Vaal – Cine (Tale Of Us & Luca Cazal Remix) 13. Tanka – Salwa 14. Waff – Body Ice 15. Subb-an – Cloak & Dagger 16. Jey Kurmis – Lil Nic French 17. Michael Janson – All I Give 18. Lake People – Point In Time 19. Phonique feat. Erlend Oye – For The Time Being (Burnski Remix) Rinse will release Rinse:23 on July 1st, 2013.