Michael Red launches Low Indigo

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  • The Vancouver bass music lynchpin has started a new imprint.
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  • Michael Red has founded an imprint called Low Indigo, with the first release out this week. Red is a vanguard of the Vancouver dance music scene, though he now lives farther away on BC's Sunshine Coast. As a member of the city's LiGHTA! crew, he was a key figure in the formative days of dubstep in Vancouver. He's been a bit quieter since then, with a few DJ gigs and an EP on Calgary's Crude Recordings in 2011. His own music tends to be dark and dubby with hints of R&B and hip-hop, and he also produces ambient music under the name Souns. Low Indigo is named after the blog Red has been running for several years. The imprint will be digital-only with no immediate plans for physical products, and will be released in a pay-what-you-want scheme on BandCamp. The first two releases come from Red himself, one now and one later in June that together complete a full eight-song suite. Red describes the ambient-leaning first EP as "overtly feminine," and the more floor-focused second as "masculine." The label's third EP will come from Victoria's okpk in August. Tracklist Michael Red - Lowi 1 01. Top 02. Let Off 03. Mwah 04. O Michael Red - Lowi 2 01. Coldspace 02. Arc of God 03. Duh 04. Wild Boar Low Indigo released Lowi 1 earlier this week and will release Lowi 2 in June 2013.