Mike Paradinas preps new EP as µ-Ziq

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  • The Planet Mu boss will release XTEP in May.
  • Mike Paradinas preps new EP as µ-Ziq image
  • Mike Paradinas will release a new µ-Ziq EP on May 20th. Though lately Paradinas might be known best for the Planet Mu imprint that he started and manages, it's easy to forget he's also an important IDM pioneer. His µ-Ziq moniker has been quiet as of late, however, with the last original music released in 2007. Earlier this year he brought the alias out of retirement with a collection of early 90s demos called Somerset Avenue Tracks. He'll follow that with an EP of brand new material, which precedes an album due out this summer. The XTEP EP takes on a more relaxed and "joyous" mood than most of Paradinas' back catalogue, according to a press release, and sees him touching on everything from 2-step and "cosmic space disco" to footwork. XTEP comes hot on the heels of Love & Devotion, the LP that Paradinas released with his wife Lara Rix-Martin as Heterotic. Tracklist A1. XT A2. Ritm B1. Pulsar B2. Monj2 B3. New Bimple Planet Mu will release XTEK on May 20th, 2013.