Rodriguez Jr. goes Back to Back for Mobilee

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  • The French artist has curated the seventh instalment in the two-disc series.
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  • Rodriguez Jr. has mixed Back To Back Vol. 7 for Mobilee. It's been two years since the French producer, real name Olivier Mateu, released his debut solo album, Bittersweet, through Anja Schneider's label. Back To Back Vol 7. sees Mateu—formerly one half of The Youngsters with Gilles Escoffier—follow DJs such as Pan-Pot, And.Id and Marcin Czubala in curating a double-CD compilation. The first disc is an unmixed selection of the producer's favourite Mobilee tracks from 2012, including his own "Ocean Drive" and Sebo K's "Scenario." Disc two comprises nine Rodriguez Jr. tracks produced in collaboration with the likes of Anja Schneider, Pan-Pot, Sebo K and Ray Okpara. Mateu describes Back To Back Vol. 7 simply as "some kind of huge jam session." Tracklist CD 1 01. Ray Okpara - Good Times 02. And.Id - Black Mamba 03. Rodriguez Jr. - Ocean Drive 04. Re.You - Junction 05. Ray Okpara - Chi This Wonder Up (Rodriguez Jr. Remix) 06. Pan-Pot - White Fiction 07. David Labeij - AEM 08. And.Id - Live Cuts Vol. 1 - Cut 3 09. Sebo K - Scenario 10. Safeword - My Love 11. Anja Schneider - Something That´s for Life feat. Cari Golden CD 2 01. Rodriguez Jr. & And.Id - Roads 02. Rodriguez Jr. - Manama 03. Rodriguez Jr. - Hartwood 04. Rodriguez Jr. & Sebo K & Anja Schneider - Rancho Anthemo 05. Rodriguez Jr. & Safeword - Nuages 06. Rodriguez Jr. & Ray Okpara - Ghetto Blaster 07. Rodriguez Jr. & Tassilo - O Amor feat. Diego Gibbs 08. Rodriguez Jr. & Anja Schneider - Henry & Lars 09. Rodriguez Jr. - Leaving Quintana Roo Mobilee will release Back To Back Vol. 7 by Rodriguez Jr. on April 5th, 2013.