Old Apparatus announce Compendium

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  • The London collective's first full-length collects previously released material into one package.
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  • Old Apparatus have revealed details of Compendium, an collection of previously released material from their own Sullen Tone label. The London-based group first rose to prominence with two well-received EPs for Mala's Deep Medi label in 2011. The following year they appeared on compilations for Honest Jon's and Electronic Explorations, and launched their own label, Sullen Tone, which has hosted the group's collective and individual recordings. The jointly produced Derren 12-inch was followed by three solo 12-inches from Old Apparatus members L.T.O, A. Levitas and Harem, with the breadth of sounds spanning house, dubstep, instrumental hip-hop and experimental electronics. Compendium picks ten highlights from those first four releases. "We have always envisioned the separate EPs forming a larger, more descriptive body of work and up until now that is an experience that has only been accessible through seeing our live show," they told RA. "The way that the tracks are woven together allows a fuller insight into the sonic landscape we're trying to create." Tracklist 01. Zimmer 02. Mernom 03. Derren 04. Dourado 05. Lingle 06. Cauliroot 07. Boxcat 08. Chicago 09. Octofish 10. Realise Sullen Tone will release Compendium by Old Apparatus on June 3rd, 2013.