Point Break reveal L.A.G.

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  • The new label from the duo behind NYC's Tar & Feathered night will launch on March 12th.
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  • Point Break has announced a new imprint called L.A.G.. The New York duo of Arthur Kimskii and Cory James founded a new party concept called Tar & Feathered last year, and L.A.G. is their latest venture. Each EP on the label will consist of "two to three distinctly different original cuts" within the boundaries of techno and deep house, according to Kimskii, with the occasional remix package as well. The first release will come from the two themselves, while future EPs will include solo turns from each member and Black Lauren. The imprint's pressing runs will be limited, with the first numbering 300 copies. Tracklist A1 Sidewalks A2 Late For Lunch B1 Wednes L.A.G. will release Sidewalks on March 12th, 2013.