Steffi mixes Panorama Bar 05

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  • The Dutch selector will helm the next entry in Ostgut Ton's CD series.
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  • Ostgut Ton will release Steffi's Panorama Bar 05 mix on May 13th. The Dutch DJ and producer, real name Steffie Doms, is one of Panorama Bar's longest-serving residents, and follows Cassy, Tama Sumo, Prosumer and Nick Höppner in helming one of the club's official mixes. She first revealed news of the mix via Facebook last November, and now full details have emerged, with Panorama Bar 05 built around unreleased tracks from some of the DJ's favourite artists. The 16-track selection contains six exclusives, three of which will be released on a 12-inch through Ostgut Ton, with the other three coming out on Steffi's own Dolly label. "It was important for me to feature the artists that inspire me now rather than including a lot of 'old skool' tracks," she said. Big Strick, Fred P, Dexter, Juju & Jordash and Steffi herself are among those to contribute exclusive material, and the rest of the selection maintains the contemporary focus, with most of the tracks released in the past three years. In keeping with Steffi's DJing style, Panorama Bar 05 is heavily focused on house and techno. A launch party for the mix will be held at Panorama Bar on April 27th, with Steffi joined by XDB, Fred P, Big Strick, Octave One and Tama Sumo. (The London launch will take place on May 5th.) We recently caught up with Steffi via email to ask about the mix.
    When did you find out you were mixing Panorama Bar 05? Was it something that had been on your mind for a while? I had a talk with [former Ostgut label manager] Nick Höppner and he asked me if I would like to either release my second album on Ostgut Ton or mix Panorama Bar 05. I chose the mix, as I really liked the idea of contributing to the series at this point in my life. I think it's really nice that there are labels still doing mix CDs: it's something physical that I can keep as a memory for myself for later in life, when I look back at my time at Panorama Bar. How did you approach the track selection for the mix? The bulk of the tracks are either unreleased or have come out in the past couple of years—was this preferable to going down the "classic" route? I asked a lot of my favourite artists if they had exclusive material to offer, and basically built the mix around that. Three of the tracks will be released on a 12-inch on Ostgut Ton and the other three exclusives are taken from a forthcoming EP on my Dolly label. It was important for me to feature the artists that inspire me now, rather than including a lot of "old skool" tracks. From the whole selection there is only one track from 1992—the rest is all recent music. In the end it is about this period in time after all. Where and how did you mix it? At home with two turntables and a mixer. What have you got coming up next? There is quite a lot of stuff lined up for 2013. Apart from my DJ gigs, I'm doing a few live sets with the Third Side project (a collaboration with The Analogue Cops). I find that really exciting because we play without a computer, so there is a lot of room for freestyling and every live set is completely different. I have new releases planned for Dolly, both from new artists and some people who already have released on the label. I will continue the Dollydubs series, my collaborative 12-inch with Dexter is finally ready to see the light of day, and I am writing new material for my second album.
    Tracklist 01. Palisade - 18:30 02. Endian - Doze 03. Big Strick - Hayday 04. Chris Mitchell - Lonely Nights 05. BLM - The Nest 06. Fred P - Project 05 07. Naoki Shinohara - Timeless 08. Juju & Jordash - A Stab In The Dark 09. John Barera & Will Martin - Reality 10. DJ Fett Burger - Disco Tre 11. Juergen Junker - Post Reunion 12. Steffi - DB011 13. Dexter - Jawada 14. DJ Skull - Don't Stop The Beat 15. Obsolete Music Technology - Latency 16. Trevino - Juan Two Five Ostgut Ton will release Panorama Bar 05 by Steffi on May 13th, 2013.