Human Woman gets remixed

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  • Great Human Woman Remixes will feature reworks of the Icelandic outfit from Vincenzo, Zev, Gus Gus, and more.
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  • Icelandic pop duo Human Woman will release a remix collection called Great Human Woman Remixes on hfn next week. A handful of tracks from Human Woman's self-titled debut album, which came out on hfn earlier this year, provide the source material for this floor-ready package. Most of the remixes are previously unreleased. Album single "Delusional" gets five reworks, including those from Kasper Bjørke, Vincenzo and Zev which appeared on vinyl alongside the original (the other two come from Gus Gus and Galdur, one half of Human Woman). Also featured are three new versions of "Great Woman," including one by the duo themselves. Great Human Woman Remixes will be available digitally, with select stores offering seven bonus tracks. Tracklist 01. Love Games (Captain Fufanu Dub) 02. Delusional (Kasper Bjørke Dub) 03. Great Woman (Human Woman Remix) 04. Delusional (Vincenzo Remix) 05. Delusional (Gus Gus Instrumental Mix) 06. Love Games (Bix Remix) 07. Great Woman (Truffle Shuffle’s Papa Was A Trolling Stoner Dub) 08. Love Games (Captain Fufanu Chill Out Mix) 09. Delusional (Galdur Remix) 10. It’s Gonna Hurt You (Strung Fellows Remix) 11. Great Woman (Gluteus Maximus Remix) 12. Delusional (Zev’s Brooklyn Beatdown Mix) Bonus Tracks 13. Delusional (Gus Gus No Beat Mix) 14. Delusional (Kasper Bjørke Remix) 15. Delusional (Gus Gus Mix) 16. Love Games (Captain Fufanu Remix) 17. Love Games (Captain Fufanu Instrumental) 18. Love Games (Instrumental) 19. Delusional (Zev’s Dreamland Mix) hfn will release Great Human Woman Remixes on November 26th, 2012.