KRTS feels The Dread of an Unknown Evil

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  • Project: Mooncircle will release the New York producer's debut album in December.
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  • KRTS will release his debut album, The Dread of an Unknown Evil, this December on Project: Mooncircle. KRTS (pronounced "Kurtis") is a New York producer with a very open-ended production style; as you can hear from this 15-minute mix of tracks from his new album, he weaves together elements of house, ambient, jazz and bass music, often with a cinematic touch. The Dread of an Unknown Evil is only his second record yet, after a 12-inch from last year called Hold On, also released on Project: Mooncircle. It features guest appearances from members of the artist's family: his brother makes a cameo on the opening track, "Something New," and his mother sings on the song "Your Eyes." Tracklist 01. Something New feat. Jon Hairston 02. Fire 03. Close The Closet Door 04. Knuckle Under 05. Strange Boys In Blue 06. Your Eyes feat. Stevee Wellons 07. The Dread Of An Unknown Evil 08. Breathe With Me feat. Charles Larson 09. Regret To Retreat 10. Was She Worth It Project Mooncircle will release The Dread of an Unknown Evil on December 10th, 2012.