Addison Groove gets Lost in Translation

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  • A new label from Antony Williams launches this week with two new artists, Chesus and Organ Grinder.
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  • Antony Williams (AKA Addison Groove, Headhunter) is launching a new label this week called Lost in Translation. The label kicks off with an EP called Audioporn by two artists from Cardiff: Chesus and The Organ Grinder. Chesus (pronounced "chay-zuss") is a longtime producer who recently returned to making house music after a seven-year stint of producing hip-hop under the name Metabeat (he's also a member of the four-piece Cardiff production crew C.R.S.T.). Organ Grinder is a house artist with one record under his belt, The New Age People, which included a melodic peak-time track called "Obsession" that was popular enough to make the EP more or less impossible to find today. Audioporn features two collaborative tracks from the duo. It's released on vinyl only, though the title track will be available in FLAC through Surus. Tracklist A Audioporn B Ampulate Lost in Translation will release Audioporn on August 27th, 2012.
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