Marko Furstenberg's Gesamtlaufzeit gets a re-release

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  • This time around, the 2003 dub techno album will be hosted by Rotary Cocktail Recordings.
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  • Rotary Cocktail Recordings is set to re-release German dub techno producer Marko Fürstenberg's 2003 full-length Gesamtlaufzeit. Until now, Gesamtlaufzeit (which roughly translates to "total running time") has only been available digitally. The album was originally recorded in number of countries—including Canada, Norway, Sweden and Germany—over a period of six months, and released on the Frankfurt-based Thinner imprint. It is the only LP Fürstenberg has released to date, and sits alongside over one one-dozen singles hosted by labels like Ornaments, a.r.t.less and Echocord Colour, each of which are firmly planted in the similarly punchy and highly textured dub techno aesthetic present on Gesamtlaufzeit. It will be re-released by Rotary Cocktail both digitally and on vinyl, with a remix package featuring contributions from Pattern Repeat, Luke + Rita Hess and Rhauder to follow. Tracklist 01. Rieht 02. Offener Tisch 03. Shop Work 04. Gegenströmung 05. Steinbruch 06. In der Pappelei 07. Stockhorn 08. Rosengarten 09. Flüssige Reise 10. Mimerlaven 11. Come Home Rotary Cocktail will release Marko Furstenberg's Gesamtlaufzeit on September 24th, 2012.