Jay Ahern launches Modular Cowboy

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  • A new label from the techno producer behind Cheap and Deep Productions launches next month with an EP and iPad app.
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  • American techno artist Jay Ahern will launch a new label in August called Modular Cowboy. In addition to being a former Hard Wax employee, Ahern is the man behind Cheap And Deep Productions, Add Noise and Hauntologists (a collaboration with Stefan Schneider of To Rococo Rot). He moved back to the states from Berlin two years ago and has been musically off the radar since then, but is now ready to reveal his latest project. Modular Cowboy is both a record label and an outlet for multimedia projects. It kicks off with two EPs and an app: Cheap and Deep Rides Again, a 12-inch with one new cut from Ahern and remixes of his 2010 track "Words, Breaths and Pauses" by Norman Nodge and Jonsson/Alter, Mesa Sequences, a recording of Ahern and Morgan Packard improvising at a desert party in New Mexico, and Mesa Sequencer, an iPhone and iPad app designed by Packard (who also developed the popular Thicket app) that allows users to combine different loops from the performance while flipping through images of the landscape where it took place. Both EPs will be available on vinyl and digitally through Hard Wax. Have look at the demo video for Mesa Sequencer below.
    Tracklists Cheap and Deep Rides Again 01. Beautiful 02. Words, Breaths and Pauses (Jonsson / Alter Remix) 03. Words, Breaths and Pauses (Norman Nodge Remix) Mesa Sequences 01. Mesa Sequences Modular Cowboy will release Cheap and Deep Rides Again and Mesa Sequences in August 2012. Mesa Sequencer will be available on the iPhone and iPad on September 6th.